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Averell and Darko met in 2017. Together they have more than 20 years of experience in AR / VR / XR development. Nataša brings extensive research and innovation development experience. Jasminka contributes key teaching and construction training insights. Powered by a strong team of developers, UX / UI designer, 3d modelers and animators, as well as our valuable consultants we were able to successfully start SkillTransmission company, and roll out the SkillTransition Virtual Learning platform.
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Darko has worked as a computer vision research engineer (Metaio, acquired by Apple). Later Darko worked as a tech team lead, consultant, and a product owner in Zumoko, as well as with large corporation such as Volkswagen and Fujitsu, working on their products and platform development. darko also has experience with digital marketing processes and interaction with investors.

van den bos

Averell gained his experience working at international operating companies for which he was allowed to travel the world. Since 1994 he was part of a number of digital transformation projects and led a worldwide taskforce of 30 members located in 24 different countries. He worked in TheServiceConcept.com for which he helped organizations to learn and work more efficient using AR, VR and AI tools.

Vujnović Sedlar

Nataša is a highly accomplished Innovation and business development manager with a proven international track record of managing the engagement of various entities in the multi-national and cross-sectoral consortia, and coordinating projects that support innovative entrepreneurs in the various sector. brings over 15 years of experience in perceiving the innovations from different perspectives including strategy, project management, entrepreneurship, management control and finance. The technical and research background has played a key role in developing an innovation mentality.


Jasminka has extensive teaching experience in construction industry, bringing key insights into construction industry health and safety training. Jasminka has more than 20 years of professional working experience in the field of civil engineering. She was a Lead Engineer in commissions for inspection of facilities designated by the city and provincial government; worked on design and supervision of civil engineering structures, residential, industrial and infrastructural; has experience in project planning: determination of quantities and costs, preparation of tender documents, permits etc.